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    Silicone Rubber Products

    Typhoon Aircraft
    Silicone Tubing
    Silicone Solids
    Silicone Sheeting
    Silicone Sponge
    Flame Retardant Silicone
    High Tear Strength Silicone
    Silicone Rings
    Silicone Profiles
    Silicone Gaskets
    Silicone Cables
    Coloured Silicone Compounds
    Silicone Masking Caps

    “If you can draw it, we usually can make it”

    Ronfell Group has for many years specialised in the design, compounding and manufacturing of
    silicone rubbers. Recent developments of flame retardant silicone rubber and associated materials
    for London Underground, the Ministry of Defence (MoD Naval) and other Blue Chip company’s have
    indicated further specialisation in sponge and medical products for High Temperature applications.
    The numerous beneficial properties of silicone rubber has allowed us to bring solutions to many
    complex material problems. Ronfell is able to offer a wide range of formatted materials in sizes,
    strengths and colours to match the most stringent performance specification demanded by our clients
    and leads to new market opportunities.

    Silicone Tubing

    All types of Silicone tubing in standard and FDA materials, with co-extruded nylons and polyesters
    for structural hardness.

    Silicone Solids

    Silicone rubber is a synthetic elastomer, which, whilst having the resilience and
    elasticity associated with natural and other synthetic rubbers, possesses the
    outstanding ability to retain these properties over a wide temperature range and
    approvals UL 94VO.

    Silicone Sheeting

    Demand for solid silicone sheeting continues to grow and is available in sizes
    ranging from 0.5mm thick to 12mm thick. While most standard stocks are one metre
    wide, other special grades come in 305mm, 457mm or 610mm squares available.

    Silicone Sponge / Foam

    Expanded silicone rubber sponge comes in material grades
    RE510 (12 lbs pcf), RE515 (16 lbs pcf)
    RE524 (24 lbs pcf), RE533 (33 lbs pcf)


    Silicone Flame Retardant

    The Silfire product is a recently developed rubber material in silicone.
    Silfire can be used in all application at temperatures exceeding
    +300 Deg C and where a “Zero spread of flame” is required thus averting disasters.


    Silicone High Tear Strength

    A very high tear strength compound having very good mechanical properties. Features
    include extended heat stability inside temperature range, Off white in natural state,
    limited pigmentation.


    Silicone Fluorosilicone

    FLUOROSILICONE components demonstrate a ready adaptability for use in the electricity industry where temperature extremes
    and a wide range of chemicals are produced. FLUOROSILICONE has a high resistance to flame, weather, oxidation, ozone,
    silicate hydraulic fluids, alkalis, alcohol and synthetic lubricants.


    Silicone Rubber Profiles

    All types of profiles available from round to square, P-section and general window seals.
    All grades of shore Hardness form 45 to75 SH

    Silicone Gaskets

    A range of round or square gaskets available for enclosures, windows and many other applications.

    Silicone Cable

    A range of Silicone high temperature cable available from 1.5mm upwards, with temperatures of
    200°C to 300°C.

    Silicone Compounding

    We are available to compund all types of materials.

    Silicone Rubber Masking Caps

    A range of Silicone caps and plugs for high temperature spraying and the protection of equipment.

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